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9 Outstanding Chamber Facebook Posts (Despite the Soul-Crushing Pandemic)

Literally 9 Facebook posts by chambers that I stole from the interwebs and why I liked it. You can click the images to go to their original Facebook post & stalk their page.

Live Videos – Nixa Chamber

Nixa Chamber Live Ribbon Cutting

Nixa Chamber has just absolutely been killin’ it with Live Videos on Facebook. There’s the ones that inspired me to get a sponsor for similar videos.

Definitely check out their other Facebook videos, like the Good News Nixa series. They’re really awesome, but I wanted to share a ribbon cutting video because it’s more relatable for the rest of us – and guys, it’s not that different from what the rest of us are already doing!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten 40+ reactions on a ribbon cutting video. So how do they do it?

I’m sure you’re curious about his setup, so we’ll start there. If you’re in the Chamber Pros Facebook Group, just watch this video. Basically he uses Switcher Studio to add text & logos to the video, as well as broll (like background video) to break up some of the talking head.

Tech wise, he has:

  • a tripod,
  • ipad (I reccomend an ipad pro)
  • ipad attachment for tripod
  • wireless mic
  • headphones to listen & make sure it’s working
  • and a fancy box to connect his audio bits

Recommended: see my smaller, one-person set up here

Now, they’ve been doing some version of these live videos for at least two years – and obviously not all of them performed as well as this one. So I think there’s a few more parts to this equation: quality, consistency, and experimenting.

They do a good job. I mean if they didn’t, people would stop watching. They also show up consistently. They have a variety of videos which is good, but they’re not ‘one-and-done’ing it either.

Reverse Parade – Beaver Dam Area Chamber

Reverse Parade videos from Beave Dam Area Chamber

While they weren’t the only to do a reverse parade (“floats” were stationary and cars/viewers drove post), they had some amazing Facebook engagement.

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They did multiple live videos that showcased the various stops, as well as a video prior to the event to promote it.

When’s the last time you use Facebook Live at an event?

City of New London did a similar event and their video is really nice and better showcases the full ‘parade’ in one video, but they probably had a few other resources.

Pig Tales – Henderson/Chester County Chamber

Pig Tales at Henderson/Chester County Chamber

Are you tired of video yet? I hope not because this was great.

Emily & Channing literally just go shopping & goof off together. They include general shop local promos during it, because they’re so charismatic and it’s ‘real’ so people really resonated with it.

As uncomfortable as you might be – try recording your experience the next time you’re out supporting a member. You can always edit out parts you don’t like and add some voice-over audio like they did.

Terrell Chamber – Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

Terrell Chamber - Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum video

Yes, this is very similar to the previous video, but I couldn’t not share it.

These videos of the chamber staff dressed as Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum were cute & easily got double the engagement of their other videos. Even without dressing up, similar videos still performed well for them.

While you may not be cramming staff in your car during COVID, it’s still an excellent example of how you don’t have to have a highly produced video for it to perform well.

Raffle winner – Deer Park Chamber

Deer Park Chamber's Raffle Winner

Okay, video break. Deer Park Chamber posted a photo of a raffle winner with his prize.

So what’s amazing about that? The post got 48 likes on a page with less than 800 followers!

So here’s a few observations from somebody (me) not familiar with this chamber or event.

As a marketer – they posted a nice, candid photo of a real person. It’s not an ad, it’s just cute and pleasant. Check.

They’ve utilized a mix of branded and general hashtags. Great.

They’ve also tagged the donor business, again in a non-salesy way.

It’s a great post because it’s just that – a social media post. Don’t forget your posts are (hopefully) showing up in the feed of real, live, normal people.

Traveling Tuesday – Sandusky County Chamber

First, it’s just super cute. I recommend putting together a similar photo album anytime you take pictures at chamber events like ribbon cuttings or networking a member business. They did a great job of showcasing the business itself and the photos made me interested enough to stop scrolling.

They also included key basics, like tagging the member’s Facebook page, including their phone and address. This answers questions people might have after seeing the post. The only thing I would leave out is the business’ website as Facebook does not like outbound links, so they should be used sparingly so Facebook will show it to more people.

This also appears to be part of a regular a contest, which can help you increase both reach & engagement. Great job!

Wichita Falls Chamber – Door Decorating Contest

Wichita Falls Chamber - holiday door decorating contest

As someone who has trouble getting people to enter & participate, I thought it was cool that the decorating contest was among chamber staff. I bet this also saved them some travel time…

This was a nifty little campaign that also included individual videos of each door. They awarded a prize to the winning chamber staffer, and one voter. Businesses that donated to the prize package were tagged in each post.

I would imagine that people enjoyed clicking through the different images, because they were all just really cute. Between the clicks and the impressive number of comments, Facebook would have seen this as a great post and showed it to even more people.

NOACC – Board Member Announcements

NOACC - new board member facebook post

Say yes to easy wins. This post had more reactions on it than any of their other posts that quarter.

They did a series of posts recognizing their upcoming board members. This is great for many reasons.

They got multiple pieces of content, which is good both for their page and their time. After they created the image in Canva once, they just had to update the who.

It’s also really amazing when you can create branded content that doesn’t really promote yourself. Yes, this post is about a chamber board member – but it’s more about the person than the chamber.

I highly recommend doing this for your board, ambassadors, volunteers, etc.

Good News – Washburn Area Chamber

Good news facebook post by Washburn Area Chamber

Y’all, I know that text is real small, but it says 74 reactions!

This is probably not a surprise, but people want and love good news. We’re tired & burnt out over all the crap happening nowadays. We crave positivity.

While these photos really were from the chamber staff, don’t limit yourself to sharing good things only if the chamber was involved. Any time you can share a positive story from your community – do it.

Top Quick Takeaways

  • Showcase what makes your area unique and/or great!
  • Be authentic (but it doesn’t hurt if you’re naturally funny)
  • Use video & live video
  • Tag businesses when relevant

What was your best recent post? Share with us in the comments so we can steal it! ?


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