How to Record Your own Video with No Help
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How to Record Your own Video with No Help

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Chamber staff have a lot of hats and little help, so we have to learn to do it all. Here’s my setup that I use to record videos of myself, without any help.

Gear Setup

The key is in the setup. Mine is lightweight & easy for me to carry and set up by myself, and it’s affordable. Excluding my phone, this cost me about $80 and has been well worth it.

I prefer to record videos in a quiet room when I know I won’t be interrupted. But if that’s not an option, you can get a smartphone lavalier or microphone for around $20. This will make your talking clearer, and help reduce background noise.


After setting up my gear I use the default camera on my cell phone to record my video. (Tip: record a quick test video to check for anything weird, technical or visual.)

Then you can record your video just using your default camera app, or go live on social media.

Save & Edit

On your computer

After recording the video, I go to my Dropbox or Google Drive app on my phone to upload it to the cloud. Then when I get to my computer I can download it and edit or use it as needed.

On your phone

If you prefer to use it immediately, that’s fine too. You can post it immediately to social media or there’s a number of free & paid video editors in the store. Here’s an example of one I shot, edited, and posted all from my cell phone.

Once you have some practice, you can record & edit a video on your smart phone in about half an hour.