Chamber social media post ideas
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Chamber Social Media Post Ideas

If your feed is running stale, here’s some ideas for your chamber social media posts. It’s a good idea to try out different things and styles to see what goes over well with your community, so feel free to experiment!

Chamber self promotion

  • benefits of membership & how tos
  • sponsorship opportunities
  • member testimonials
  • chamber awards
  • community reinvestment
  • email newsletter sign up
  • chamber blog posts


  • FAQs about large chamber event
  • event sponsorship thank you
  • # days until chamber event
  • events happening this month
  • creating a Facebook Event
  • Facebook Live introducing a speaker, sponsor, volunteer or host
  • social media contest
  • interesting article/video relevant to event theme
  • publications/ads/etc. that you’ve made to promote your event
  • last chance for discounted tickets or to register
  • design of an event t-shirt
  • photo album after an event

Member promotion

  • new member welcome
  • industry spotlight
  • member milestone renewals
  • seasonal businesses now open
  • member deals, news releases, job openings, or events
  • ambassador of the month
  • business of the week
  • Facebook Live interviewing a member or going behind the scenes in their business
  • congratulating a member on their award
  • Themed lists of what to do in your city involving chamber members
  • specific business highlights or offerings

Your community

  • pretty pictures of your area
  • local weather forecast
  • #TriviaTuesday or #ThrowbackThursday
  • Local news story
  • “caption this” contest
  • real estate market report
  • 2 truths and a lie
  • pending legislation & how to take action
  • local celebrities or famous celebrities that are from your town
  • Holiday Events in City
  • silly holidays
  • reuse past photos you’ve shared in a video or collage


  • tool/app recommendation
  • how pending legislation would affect local businesses
  • business articles
  • motivational quotes
  • how to start or grow a business in your city
  • share an article by the US or state chamber
  • Shop local campaigns

The 80/20 Rule

All social posts should be interesting, informative, or inspiring.  And if that’s not enough, content marketers say no more than 20% of your posts should be about yourself.

But it’s a little different for chambers, isn’t it? Chamber Master recommends that your social media posts be 10% self promotion, 20% event promotion, 30% member promotion, and 40% every thing else. Not sure what % group a post falls under? No worries. Categorize it how you want and move on. It’s only a guideline, and as long as you’re sharing useful or interesting things, you’ll be fine. 💕

That’s great, but it sounds like a lot. How do I organize it into something actionable?

I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve recently launched an online course – How to Plan a Recurring Monthly Social Media Calendar for Chambers. In it, I show you step by step exactly how I created my chamber’s communication calendar. After following the tutorial you’ll be able to create a one-and-done printable task list, and check off each post after you schedule it.

How to create a Chamber Communications Calendar

By having a social media plan set up like this, you’ll:

  • Stress less about what you have to post
  • Stop forgetting what you already have or haven’t done
  • Save time through batch scheduling similar posts

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