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Whether you’re on the free, these tips are for new to intermediate Canva users. I’ve included a variety of Canva tutorials I thought were useful for almost anyone, although some are directly relevant to some of the Canva templates I sell.

Intro to Canva

Not Sure What Size to Create? + How to See the Size of Something on Your Screen

Once you login to Canva, click on “Create a Design.” Canva automatically offers the size of many common images, like social media graphics. This is quick and useful, and the templates shown in the editing panel also tend to be more relevant to what item you selected.

screenshot of recommended sizes in Canva after clicking on 'Create a design' button

You can also create a custom size.

If you’re not sure what size custom design you want to create, here’s how you can measure what’s on your screen.

First take a ‘screen shot’ of what’s on your computer screen by tapping the ‘prt sc’ or ‘print screen’ key on your keyboard. You will not see a popup or anything to show you hit the key, but this button will take a picture of your current screen and ‘save’ it to your clip board (just like if you were to copy text).

print screen button on keyboard

Then, open up Paint. This is a free software that is included with Windows.

Paste your screen shot. Then, use the Select tool and outline the space of what you wanted to create. In this example, I took a screen shot of an Instagram post I was scheduling.

screenshot of finding the size of an image in Paint

While you have the desired option selected, look at the bottom of the screen. The number I have circled above is the size of the selected area. The number to the right of it is the size of the entire canvas or design. Use the circled number as the size (likely in pixels or px) as the size of your custom design.

Creating Your First Social Media Graphic in Canva to Promote a Chamber Member

 To Save/Download the Images Separately

In the top-right corner, click on Share. Then select Download.

Choose your file type & other settings. Then click on Select pages.

Here you can choose the page(s) you want.

Finally, click Done and Download.

Using a brand cheatsheet in Canva to save your logo & brand colors for quick access

How to Make Your Logo to Fit Inside a Circle for Profile Pics

How to Create a Zoom Background in Canva

Creating Videos in Canva

You can now create presentations & videos in Canva:

In addition to the provided media to create & download your work as a video, you can also record your screen & voice directly inside Canva.

Tutorial TBA

How to Create YouTube End Screen in Canva

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How to Create Video Thumbnails for YouTube & More in Canva

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Using Canva to Create & Promote Your Lead Magnet

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How to use Canva Smart Mockups to put an Image on a Computer Screen

Check out her free design library here!

My design looks fine, but when I download it, the text runs onto a new line?!

Try increasing the width of your text box so that there is a little space between the letters and the box. This should not change the way your text looks on-screen (though you might need to reposition the box back to where the text was.

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