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2020 Chamber Planner preview

Chamber Pros Planner

Chamber professionals have an immense amount of information we need to keep up with, and this yearly/monthly planner will help you keep up with it all. Printed as a paperback book so pages won’t accidentally tear out.

How to Create a Recurring Chamber Communication Calendar

How to Create a Recurring Chamber Communications Calendar

Online Course

After taking this course, you will:

✅ Stop wasting time by logging into social media without an action plan.

✅ Plan a recurring monthly social media calendar that’s easy to follow.

✅ Know where & how to schedule social posts ahead of time.

Facebook Templates for Chambers of Commerce

Templates & Printables

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Chamber of Commerce Word Cloud - blue & green person shape Zip Hoodie

Amazon Merch

I’m working to create some chamber swag for yourself, gifts for peers, or the favorite chamber pro in your life. Recommendations welcome!