Chamber Jobs

Job Boards for Chamber Pros

Here some sites that regularly post jobs for Chambers of Commerce.

Additions welcome – job boards only, no single openings. Email [email protected].

Executive Searches

These companies can be hired to assist you in your search for your next executive.

Additions welcome – must have experience with Chambers of Commerce. Email [email protected].

Work ‘for’ Izzy

I don’t anticipate hiring staff/employees, however I am open to working with other independent contractors. If you think you might want to do some work for me or for my chamber clients, feel free to send me an email at izzy (at) and let me know what things you’re most interested in working on and what your rates are. If it’s your first time as a contractor or you just want to talk it out, you’re welcome to schedule a 15 minute chat with me. I may not have any work for you right away, but I will go through this list of contact first when I do need something.

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