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How To Use Hashtags For Your Chamber

Hashtag Basics

  • # is a hashtag. Used at the beginning of a word or phrase – with no spaces or punctuation! – that when clicked on or searched brings up other posts with the same hashtag
  • You can sometimes also use hashtags in comments, in your profile, bio, or headline – but the function depends on the platform you’re on.
  • On some platforms you follow a hashtag. Instead of following multiple pages, you will get posts in your feed that include that hashtag.
  • Using the right hashtag can help you reach a larger audience.
  • Branded or event hashtags can help you find posts by attendees or supporters.
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How Many Hashtags Should You Use on Social Media?

Disclaimer – these are opinions educated guesses (click on hashtag count for source) as social platforms don’t usually make official recommendations, only max limits. I’m not listing the max limit of hashtags you can use, because I don’t recommend it as you want to focus on quality over quantity.

Otherwise, you’ll sound like this:

Instead, try to limit (or grow) your hashtag use tho these counts:

How Many Hashtags Should I Use on Social Media in 2022

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What Hashtags Should the Chamber Use?

I don’t recommend using popular hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday. While I might still use it as a content idea, you probably want to focus on hashtags that will result in relevant, engaged followers. People all over the world clicking through on generic hashtags like #photooftheday are probably not actually interested in my chamber.

  • Your chamber branded hashtag (ex: #allendalechamber)
  • Your city/region hashtag (ex: #LittleRiverSC)
    • Tip: see what your neighbors are using
  • #ad or #sponsored if a member/sponsor gave you money to make/share that post, or it’s specifically part of their paid sponsorship package (example)
  • Event hashtags (ex: #SCFOF)
  • Industry hashtags, as relevant to your post
    • You can use a tool like to help you find relevant hashtags
You’ve done something right when your members & community start using your hashtag.

Where Do Most People Put Hashtags in Social Media Posts?

This is based on observations, so take it with a grain of salt. Again, you want to use the reccomended number of hashtags (or less), and use really relevant hashtags.

You should be especially picky about hashtags used in your bio or other account level places. Some people recommend not putting any here at all, but it can help with getting your branded hashtag out to members or event goers.

  • Facebook
    • at the end of your post or naturally in the middle of a sentence
  • Twitter
    • at the end of your tweet or naturally in the middle of sentence
    • in your bio
    • in a comment
  • Instagram
    • at the end of your tweet or naturally in the middle of sentence
    • in your bio
    • in a comment (some brands have started putting the bulk of their hashtags as the first comment on their post, which can be less distracting to users)
    • Read more
  • LinkedIn
    • at the end of your post or naturally in the middle of a sentence
    • in your headline or bio
  • Pinterest – at the end of your pin description, in your bio or board description. (resource)
  • YouTube
    • If you add hashtags to your video description, YouTube now puts the first 3 at the top near your title.

I hope this helped!

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