5 Minutes Tasks to be Productive - Even while waiting in your car
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Quick, Productive Tasks You Can Do While Waiting in Your Car for 5 Minutes

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With the pandemic & trying to limit contact, anytime I do go out I end up spending a lot of time in my car. Waiting, just waiting…

When I’m being productive I really hate inefficiency and wasted time, so here’s a list of productive things you can do in a short time – even in your car.

Disclaimer: These tasks are for while you’re waiting around, like in a parking lot. In many states it is now illegal to even hold your phone while driving.

Always working?

  • Listen to podcasts, like the ChamberChat Podcast
  • Do some ‘paperwork.’ While you probably don’t want some serious paperwork with you, you can still write out notes, lists, ad brainstorm ideas. For example, I wrote this article in my car notebook.
    • Yes, I have a notebook just for ideas I have in my car.
    • Or write checks & prepare bills, write thank you notes, etc.
    • You could also use an app or just email yourself tasks & notes.
  • Check your email & actually respond or take action.
    • Unsubscribe from any newsletters you don’t actually get value from.
  • Respond to that person you’ve been putting off talking to. (We all have that person, right?)
    • Introvert tip: if you don’t like making phone calls but it’s too long for a text, try sending a voice memo.
  • Respond to Facebook comments, whether on your Chamber’s Page or you’re helping in the Chamber Pros Group.
  • Leave a review for a local business online.
  • Double check your calendar. I track most of my obligations on my phone’s calendar, even Facebook Events I’ve RSPD to. Personally, I just sometimes need the refresher of what my week looks like…

For yourself:

  • Close your eyes. Yep. While you may not feel like a nap per say, just taking quiet break and resting your eyes can really help recharge you. #science #selfcare
    • Or practice mindfulness, gratitude, meditate, etc.
  • Schedule appointments or other brief phone calls.
  • Clean your car. I have a tiny trash can in my car, and car wipes that I’ll use to clean the inside of my car when parked & bored. You don’t need to do a deep clean – just picking up some trash or cleaning one little section is an easy way to keep something small off of your to-do list.
  • Clean your purse out.
    • Okay, at least part of it?
  • Train your brain. Apps I have include Duolingo to learn a second language, Primer by Google for a variety of brief business lessons, and Google Drive, where I store all those amazing free pdfs I haven’t read yet…
  • Delete any apps you rarely use on your phone.
  • Update your resume. Yes, even if you’re not job searching. This can be as simple as adding a few bullet points on LinkedIn or noting a big project you’re proud of.
  • Text someone you care about that you’re thinking of them
  • While you may not be able to work out, you can look up some stretches you can do in the car (again – parked, not driving!)
  • Floss your teeth! Hey, I needed something weird, okay? But for real, you can get travel packs of those little floss picks to keep in your purse of glove box.
    • Sometimes I even dry-brush my teeth before a networking event & wash the brush when I get home… #TMI
  • Detox your social media – Unfollow people & pages that make you unhappy.

Have even longer?

  • For longer waits, bring a book. You know, the ones you heard about at conferences and said you would definetly read? I usually pick books with short chapters that don’t have to be binge-read to be understood.
  • Low-supply crafts. So probably not painting (lol), but you might be able to do some sketching, crocheting, or something else that you could prep at home and work on while you’re mindlessly waiting.


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