How do you measure membership engagement?

Brainstorm: How to Measure Member Engagement

How do you measure member engagement? I’ve been working on redoing my board report, and I thought it might be good to start tracking some membership related metrics. This is literally a brain dump of anything measurable that I could relate to membership somehow, but I would love your thoughts on it!

Another reason I wanted to have these numbers available is because just because members don’t go to events, doesn’t mean they’re not engaged. So let’s look at some other ways we can see members are engaged with chamber:

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From Your AMS

AMS = Account Management System, like ChamberMaster, similar to CRM. This is probably data you already have, or could figure out with data you do have.

  • Drop/Churn Rate 
  • Retention Rate 
  • Growth Rate
  • Avg. # Years of Membership
  • Average Daily & Monthly Revenue 
  • # Event Attendees
  • # Up-sells or add-ons sold (marketing, sponsors, etc.)
    • # Sales by Product
    • or $ Non-Dues Revenue
  • # New Sponsors/Vendors

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  • # Compliments, Thank-yous Received
  • # Individual Meetings Scheduled
  • # Phone, Walk-ins, Emails Received (from current/potential members)
  • # Visits to Members
  • # Unscheduled Touches
    • Emails/visits that aren’t on our checklist
  • # Members We’ve Done Business With
  • # Volunteers
  • # Hours Worked by Volunteers
  • # Introductions or Connections Made

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Chamber Website

  • # Member Logins
  • # Blog Views
  • # Webinar/Podcast Views
  • # Downloads from Chamber Website (ideas)

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Emails & Social Media

  • # Social Media Engagements
  • # New Social Followers (aka new/potential members)
  • # Subscribers in Potential Members Email List
  • # Email Clicks
  • # Email opens / Open Rate
  • # Members Completed Onboarding (email welcome series)

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So which metrics do you think sound useful? Do you include something different in your membership reports? Please comment below!


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