How do you measure membership engagement?

Brainstorm: How to Measure Member Engagement

How do you measure member engagement? I’ve been working on redoing my board report, and I thought it might be good to start tracking some membership related metrics. This is literally a brain dump of anything measurable that I could relate to membership somehow, but I would love your thoughts on it!

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From Your CRM

CRM = Customer relationship management software, like ChamberMaster. This is probably data you already have, or could figure out with data you do have.

  • Drop/Churn Rate 
  • Retention Rate 
  • Growth Rate
  • Avg. # Years of Membership
  • Average Daily & Monthly Revenue 
  • # Event Attendees
  • # Up-sells or add-ons sold (marketing, sponsors, etc.)
    • # Sales by Product
    • or $ Non-Dues Revenue
  • # New Sponsors/Vendors

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  • # Compliments, Thank-yous Received
  • # Individual Meetings Scheduled
  • # Phone, Walk-ins, Emails Received (from current/potential members)
  • # Visits to Members
  • # Unscheduled Touches
    • Emails/visits that aren’t on our checklist
  • # Members We’ve Done Business With
  • # Volunteers
  • # Hours Worked by Volunteers
  • # Introductions or Connections Made

Chamber Website

  • # Member Logins
  • # Blog Views
  • # Webinar/Podcast Views
  • # Downloads from Chamber Website (ideas)

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Emails & Social Media

  • # Social Media Engagements
  • # New Social Followers (aka new/potential members)
  • # Subscribers in Potential Members Email List
  • # Email Clicks
  • # Email opens / Open Rate
  • # Members Completed Onboarding (email welcome series)

So which metrics do you think sound useful? Do you include something different in your membership reports? Please comment below!

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