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Practical Lead Magnets for your Chamber Blog

You may have heard of lead magnets, opt-in offers, freebies, inbound lead generation, and other fancy words. The point of these is to get contact information in exchange for a free product. By setting up a lead magnet on your chamber blog, you can collect the email addresses for either potential members OR visitors/locals to promote your members to. Both of these sound like a win, right?

Here’s my most recent offer for locals, some practical ideas that you can totally do on your chamber blog, and how to set it up.

Seasonal Idea – Pumpkin Stencils

I’m working on creating a destination/locals email list at my chamber so I’m offering a free download to entice viewers that’s more fun and less business-y. My current seasonal offer is Pumpkin Stencils. These were made by yours truly with our community in mind. This was a quick and simple fun blog post that is sharable on social media.

Design explanation: we run both a shrimp festival and a crab festival. The third pumpkin is part of our logo with a witch, and the fourth is just our city name.

As a graphic designer, this was a pretty easy project as a basic pumpkin stencil is simply a black outline of any image (without any holes in it!). If you decide to create a stencil, you could try your state outline, icon representing your festival, an edit of your logo, and more. I did not like how my ‘city name’ turned out, so feel free to send me a good one you’ve seen!

Explaining it to the board: This project cost only staff time and will result in new website traffic, raising our brand awareness. Additionally, this will increase our number of email subscribers, which has a direct impact on both event attendance and marketing campaigns run on behalf of members.

Lead Magnets for Chamber Blogs

Solicit new opt-ins for your email marketing with a free downloadable content on your chamber blog. Here’s some ideas you might already get requests for:

  • Grand Opening Checklist
  • Shopping Map
  • Printable checklist that matches your post
  • Email course on how to update their business listing on your website
  • eBook on how create a business in your city
  • PDF of your relocation guide
  • How to promote their business for Small Business Saturday

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How to Implement Your Opt-In Freebie

For your lead magnets to be successful, you should have them submit their email in exchange for the free product. There’s different ways you could do this, but here’s how I like to set mine up:

#1 Once your creation is ready, upload it to your website or email platform to create a link for it.

#2 Create a new email list (or a group within your preferred list) and set-up an auto-responder email to go out immediately after they sign up or are added to the group you made. The email should explain how they got signed up, and offer the direct download link to what they signed up for.

#3 Create a sign-up form that goes to the email list or group you just made. Add the code for that form to your blog post.

#4 You can now use this list to send emails to! For example, if they signed up for Ribbon Cutting Checklist, then I would send them emails on joining the chamber.

#5 Don’t forget to promote your blog post! Include a link on social media and in your email newsletter.

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Where to Put Your Lead Magnets

I first created a blog post just about the opt-in freebie that I made. This should look like a landing page. This is not a one-and-done tool, though. You should also use it at the bottom of future, relevant blog posts (like I did here) or web pages.

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What lead magnets do you offer on your blog? Comment your link below so we can all see!

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