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Personal Branding Tips for Chambers To Impress Members

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These easy, bite-sized actions can help you look more impressive to members by turning the mundane into subtle head-turners.

Step 1: Be the thing.

What do you want to be known for?

This is the longest step, but also the most important.

I’m not good at describing myself, so I took the How to Fascinate test, and found I was ‘the mediator.’ People see me as:

  • Loyal & hardworking
  • Ability to mediate, building harmony
  • Camply guide others to stay the course
  • Ability to uphold & support the group

I took the adjectives the test used about me (the insightful report was 16 pages long), and worked them into my personal anthem, “Strategic Design & Structured Marketing.”

I tie in my anthem into my goals & actions so that when other people talk about me, it aligns with my anthem. I know it sounds odd, so here’s an example.

When working on member videos, my boss excitedly explains to the business she’s going to interview ‘how I strategically put a picture of what they’re talking about up as they’re talking about it.’

Did I tell her to use the word strategic? No. It’s how she perceives me.

We think of word-of-mouth as a marketing tool for businesses, but it’s true for people, too.

You can help it along though.

Think about how you want others to see you, and align your actions and words with it.

Okay, that’s enough mindset, here’s some quicker, actionable tips!

2. Update your voicemail.

Which sounds better?

“You’ve reached Izzy at the chamber. I will return from vacation on [date from two months ago]. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”


“You’ve reached Izzy at the chamber. I’m out growing businesses in our community. Leave a message so I can help you next.”

It’s such a little thing, but it can be a big impact working for you in the background

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3. Update your headshot.

Is your favorite photo of you from 20 years ago? 🤨 That’s nice, but it’s not the you that your members see. This can cause a disconnect when people see you in person versus online.

If you need to, get a new headshot done every so often. You want it to reflect how you actually look.

And actually use it!

If you’ve noticed the photo of me on the sidebar, you’ll find it’s the same photo as my Twitter & LinkedIn profile pictures, as well as in many of my emails.

This is to make it easier for you to recognize & find me on new platforms.

4. Your LinkedIn profile.

Unless you’re actively job searching, use your LinkedIn bio and about section to encourage potential members or partners to reach out.

For example, my bio doesn’t say ‘marketing manager.’ Mine reads ‘Digital strategist promoting local businesses through chamber membership.’ (Again, strategic is part of my anthem 😉)

While I’ve still worked in parts of my job role, think about ways you can promote a benefit of membership that would make a stranger want to talk to you.

If you’re stuck, try this formula: “I help [area name] businesses so that they [benefits & results].”

You should also update your profile picture, cover photos, and ‘about section’ to compliment your goal.

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5. Your Twitter or other social media sites

I recommend making changes similar to what we’ve done to your LinkedIn profile, but I’m recommending it separate because not everyone thinks of them the same since LinkedIn is naturally more business-y.

This also comes down to how comfortable you are with people associating your social profile professionally.

Some people recommend creating a second profile to be your ‘business you’, but not all social platforms allow it.

6. Your outdated business card.

Your business card doesn’t have to suck.

In a recent webinar by Jim Mathis, he recommends you utilize the back of your card to tease a benefit that will make you more memorable.


Basically, think about how you want to seen.

I only listed 5 here, but update your different professional places (linkedin account, business cards, etc.) with your new message.

This can help you stand out to potential chamber members, as well as just improve your professional image.

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