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How to Sync Facebook Events to Your Email/Phone Calendar

I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached, and I won’t show up if your event is not on my calendar. This being said, my handy-dandy phone calendar has been missing one important aspect of my registrations: Facebook events. Fortunately there there’s already a solution.


Step 1:  Login to Facebook and click on Events on the left sidebar. (scroll down)


Step 2:  look at the far right sidebar and scroll down until you see this:


Step 3:  Right-click “Upcoming Events” and select “Copy Link Address.” If this is not an option for you, open the link in a new tab. The screen will look blank, but you just want the url at the top (should start with webcal://).


Step 4:  Import an Internet Calendar to your email server.


As my email calendar was already synced to my phone, Facebook Events now also shows up on my phone’s calendar. 😁Chamber Pros, do your members know about this? This would be a great tip to share with your members (especially if you post your events to Facebook)!


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