Promoting Chamber Members for New Year's Resolutions

Promoting Chamber Members for New Year’s Resolutions

I just wrote a post on Sticking with Your New Year’s Resolution that was such a goldmine for linking to our business directory that I just had to share it with you! Whether you have to write articles for the local newspaper or have a chamber blog, using New Years resolutions to promote members can be a fun timely article that includes a variety of business types.

Below are some sections that modify, mix, & match to promote your member businesses. Just add links to their directory listing (or directory category) on your website to the appropriate keywords in the text.

If you feel like sending me some credit, please link to if posting online 😘.

Why do I want to link to the chamber’s business directory?

  1. Promoting members is always good, but promoting members and getting credit for it is better
  2. By linking to business categories instead of specific members, I won’t have to update my blog post if one member doesn’t renew.
  3. Linking to pages on your own website shows Google robots how your pages are connected, and that the pages you’re linking to are useful

Eat Healthier

Members to promote: restaurants, nutritionists

If big diet changes are too drastic for you, try making just little changes when you go out to eat. Getting steamed vegetables instead of fries, asking for your meat to be grilled instead of fried, eating less condiments or sauces, and drinking water instead of (or in-between) sodas are all easier steps to stick with. [Restaurant] even has a special low calorie menu available.

Exercise / Get in Shape

Members to promote: gyms, recreation centers with fitness classes, coaches or personal trainers

While there’s a lot of exercises you can do at home (like just taking a walk around your neighborhood), but having a layer of accountability can help you actually follow through and work out more often. Try taking a group fitness class, join a gym with a friend & go together, or hire a coach that will want to know your progress regularly.  

Learn how to defend yourself

Members to promote: gyms or places with an upcoming self-defense class or seminar, self defense product stores/MLM consultants

Hey, we didn’t pick it – you did. If a self-defense class peaks your interest, give [Gym] a call. Their class give real-life tips that will make you feel more confident & prepared for whatever comes your way.

Get out of Debt / Save Money

Members to promote: financial advisor, banks or credit unions, link to deals on chamber website

Most financial advice includes: paying more than the minimum payment, focusing the bulk of your effort towards one bill at a time, picking up a side hustle, creating (and sticking to) a budget, negotiating your bills, and consolidating like debts. (Source: every financial blog ever)

If you’re looking for more personalized advice or want to start planning your retirement, you should meet with a financial advisor. If you’re looking for new ways to save money, check out these deals, or ask a local bank about interest rates in their savings accounts or money markets.

Get a Job

Members to promote: career centers, staffing agencies, resume services

The local Goodwill has a Job Center in which you can learn about new opportunities or get help preparing for your next application & interview.

Turn your hobby into a career

Members to promote: same as Get a Job, and/or promote your chamber’s guide on how to start a business

Welcome to the ‘gig economy,’ where everyone has a second job. One of the best gigs? The one you love. Whether your branching out to start your own service, selling digital goods, or only want to work when you want, many people have turned to ‘side hustles’ to create a second stream of income and new outlet.

Learn a New Skill

Members to promote: Colleges & schools, adult education program, creative classes

[Local College] offers opportunities for adults to take non-credit courses in art, history, politics, health & wellness, genealogy, estate planning, technology, languages, science, writing, fitness, and more.

Just want to enjoy the fun parts of art class? Try a crafting workshop at [places like Wine & Design] where they provide all the necessary materials, clean up, tutorial, and don’t require a weekly commitment.

Read More

Members to promote: local library, bookstores, places you can read quietly (coffee shop, parks, etc).

Yes, I’m going to recommend the library. But hear me out. In addition to books (groan here), they also have partners to offer you free online books and audible books. So you don’t even have to go to the library to do returns!

Meet New People / Become More Social

Promote: your events!

Obviously, the Chamber is great place for networking opportunities. They provide monthly events where everyone is there for the same reason – to meet new people or strengthen relationships.

Networking not your thing? Try looking at some of the more casual events on (Or at the very least, just try being friendlier to your cashiers & co-workers…)

Watch Less TV/Netflix

Members to promote: theaters or live shows , museums, local sports teams, or other events

While there’s many reasons to watch less TV, one of the reasons it’s hard to leave is because it’s entertaining. Try something else, like going to the theatre. This way you’ll still have fun time, but you’re committed to doing something away from your screen.

Go to your doctor / dentist regularly

Members to promote: doctors office, dentists, other healthcare

We all know we should have regular checkups, but often put off doctor & dentist visits because we feel fine. But that’s actually counter-intuitive.  Taking care of your health proactively can actually reduce the number of ‘oh-no’ visits you have to schedule in the long run.

Self Care

Members to promote: beauty spas, nail salons, hair salons

Self care isn’t just about medical visits. Treating yourself to a pedicure, spa night, or even a quiet night in can all be considered self care. What do you need a break from? What’s a nice treat you haven’t had in awhile?

Learn more about art, culture, history, etc.

Members to promote: museums, art galleries

You know who has all of those? Local museums! [sentence about what local museum or gallery offers]


Members to promote: nonprofits, civic organizations, chamber needs, volunteer match services or events

Our community is blessed with many caring nonprofits and civic organizations. Whether you’re looking for consistent volunteer work, want to offer a specific service, or just help occasionally, there are tons of opportunities to give back.

Travel to New Places

Members to promote: travel agencies, accomodations and vacation rentals, and chamber blog posts about visiting the area

When you need a break from your busy life, taking a trip or planning a staycation can be a healthy hiatus and help prevent burnout at work. Whether you enjoy [Thing 1] or [Thing 2], [City] offers plenty of fun options to choose from.

Quit Smoking / Drink Less

Members to promote: AA Meetings, addition or rehab or behavioral health centers,

One way to help get over a habit is to have outside accountability. You might want to ask a friend hold you accountable or join a AA meeting. For more advanced needs, visit with the friendly staff at [behavioral health center] to see if they can help you.

Additional resolutions

I couldn’t figure out how to tie these resolutions with a chamber, so please share your ideas in the comments below for these!

  • Learn to cook
  • Stop being late
  • Learn to be more self-reliant
  • Control your emotions
  • Spend less time on social media
  • Become more romantic
  • Start remembering important dates
  • Be more creative
  • Face your fears / insecurities
    • Honestly, I see this being a whole separate post, and promoting members for as many specific fears you can match.
  • Write a book / start a journal
  • Spend more time with Family
  • Become tidier / more organized
  • Dress better
  • Be Less Stressed
  • Ask for help more often

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