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10+ Free Stealable Articles for Your Chamber Blog

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While you still want some original content, ready made articles and guest posts can be real time savers. Here are some articles you can copy, how to give credit to them, and some ideas for more done for you content.

How to appropriately borrow articles

First, get permission.

For the articles I’ve listed below, I’ve already checked that you’re allowed to ‘steal’ these.

The way I did it was to:

  • See if the post already explicitly says we can use it
  • Emailed the author or company asking permission to re-publish with credit
  • Asked my social media friends & followers if they have any articles I can republish

Then – give credit!

The bare minimum for this is to just explicitly say who wrote the article and link to their website or original article (if online, linking back to our website is a big deal for many of us).

I like to include their short author bio (example at bottom of this post) as well. In many cases this is required by the author anyways.

Optional: go over the article and customize little tweaks that make more sense for your audience.

Disclaimer: some authors may not like you editing their work.

At my chamber, if an article references natural disasters, I change the example to hurricanes because that’s what my community deals with more (example).

Another way to ‘customize’ is to add complimentary links. For example if you’re talking about the benefit of chamber membership, you would include a link to your sign-up page. Or if the article mentions a service or industry, I link to that category of my membership directory.

Or I might just add examples of what they’re talking about using my members as reference.

10 Articles Chambers are explicitly Allowed to Repost

  1. How the Chamber Can Help Members with “Know, Like, and Trust” by Frank Kenny
    1. repost example
  2. Promoting Chamber Members for New Year’s Resolutions by me
    1. repost example
  3. US Chamber’s Resilience in a Box
    1. repost example
  4. Seven Reasons Why You Should Thank a Local Business TODAY by Danielle McFadden
    1. repost example
  5. Benefits of Networking and Giving Back to Those Coming Up by Margaret H. Geiger, Twelve31 Media
  6. Use an Email Template to Say “Thank You” by River Cartie, Constant Contact
  7. 13 Useful Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners via Allen Fairview Chamber
    1. I spoke with Sharon who said they contract for but own all the blog posts on their site & don’t mind sharing with other chambers, however you might still want reach out & double check before publishing.
  8. Recruit Board Members with Purpose & Process by Hardy Smith.
  9. Marketing Your Small Business or Community in This Time of the COVID-19 Coronavirus by Locable
  10. Small Business 401k Case Study by Northshire Consulting
Can we steal your article? Leave a link in the comments! (I’d also like more examples of reposts that aren’t by me 😀)

Ideas for where to find more articles

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