Chamber Blog Categories

Chamber Blog Category Ideas

Here’s a list of several potential chamber blog category ideas. I wanted to compile this list because organizing your posts into Categories is such a simple step that I see too many people skip.

Why is this important?

If you leave your category as “Unassigned”, it looks unfinished or like you don’t care. Named categories are also more attractive than dates – no one’s going to click on your August 2010 archive. Trust me.

Tips for Chamber Blog Categories

When creating your categories, be as specific as you can in as little wording a possible. You want to consider that someone unfamiliar with your brand has randomly stumbled on to your blog, and you want them to stay and to keep clicking!

You also want readers to immediately understand what they’ll be seeing before they click. If it doesn’t meet their expectations when they click-through, then they will leave your site and your bounce rate will go up (this negatively affects your ranking with Google). Bad Example: “Members” – is it a list of members or content for members? Good Example: “Benefits of Chamber Membership”.

Keep in mind this is a general idea list. Don’t go overboard and use them all. That would be cumbersome for you and an eyesore for your reader. You want just enough options to give a reader choices, but not so much they’re overwhelmed. Pick some chamber blog categories that fit at least 2 posts you already have planned/posted.

Don’t worry about permanence. Blogs grow and change. You can always update your categories in the future.

Chamber Blog Category Ideas:

  • Awards & Recognition, Member/Business of the Week/Month
  • Advocacy, Capitol Insights, Emerging Issues, Infrastructure, Workforce Development
  • Big Event (ie: golf tournament, festival, etc.) or other large chamber project
  • Business Resources, Success Stories, or Tips
  • Chamber Events, News, Updates
  • Community Projects, reinvestment, etc.
  • Demographics: Senior Living, Young Professionals, etc.
  • Destination, Travel Tips, Bucket List, Photo Blog, History, or other fun area promotions
  • Economic Development
  • Expo, Trade Show, similar
  • From the CEO/President, Board Highlights
  • Member Benefits, How Tos, Insights, or Testimonials
  • Networking Opportunities
  • New Businesses/Members
  • Oceanside, waterfront, weddings, or other scenic topics
  • Professional Development
  • Relocating
  • Sponsored Posts (make money!)
  • Topical – Technology, Mobile, Marketing, Finance, Wellness Programs,  or anything you happen to consistently like talking about
  • Timely – Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly: Feature/Tips/Reminders/Topic
  • What are your other core chamber pillars or platforms?

New blog? Don’t worry about being everything to everyone! Plan your first month’s of content and see which topics come naturally.


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