Top 3 Actually Free Stock Photo sites

3 Excellent, Actually Free Stock Photo Sites

Anyone that knows me knows that I love anything for the low, low price of free. Therefore, here’s 3 websites that have actually free stock photo downloads – no strings attached. You don’t have to make an account, subscribe, or add payment for these.

Make sure you read the whole article – I’ve included a few extra bonuses for you! 😉

3 Actually Free Stock Photo Websites

#1 – Pexels is my favorite free stock photo site. I usually start here as they tend to have the most options for whatever term I pick.

Tip: If you’re downloading a picture to use on your website, choose the “Medium” size option. This will give you a smaller file size, which means your website will load faster. (Though if you know what you’re doing, you should still compress images to truly optimize them for your website.)

#2 – Pixabay also has some great, free stock photos. What makes them different is that they also have some free videos & vectors (if you don’t know what that is, think good clip art). Understandably there aren’t a ton of these, but if it’s free I’ll take what I can get.

#3 – Unsplash is another website with free, quality stock photos. I mostly just like to have different websites to choose from so I have more options if I just can’t find that one photo that I know I want.

Bonus #1 – Hubspot

Okay, so HubSpot’s photos are a little different. They’re still free, but it’s only one collection of business-y photos and you have to give them an email address. They’ll give you a download link, so you’ll download all the photos instead of searching for what you want.

I still recommend this because 1) they have some great marketing content that I subscribe to anyways and 2) they have different photos than the above sites that look more in-house.

Bonus #2

Check with the tools & software you already use as they might already have in-editor photos available. I know both (picture editor) and ConstantContact (email marketing) do.

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