Things Your Chamber Website Should Have

Design & Technical Needs for Your Chamber Website

  • Links to all of your social media accounts
  • Contact information that is easy to find
  • Privacy Policy & Terms of Service pages
  • SSL certificate
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Way for members to login & add content or RSVP to events. Your staff should not have to manually do this for them.
  • Prominent Join button

Fore more tips, checkout ChamberMaster’s blog.

Webpages & Content to Consider

This is not an exclusive list, just food for thought.

  • Advertising opportunities
  • Webpages
    • Events – I prefer to have both a community calendar + a chamber events calendar
    • About the chamber
      • staff & board
      • projects & priorities
    • Benefits of membership
    • About your area
  • Calls to Actions & Lead Magnets
  • Chamber blog 🙂

Website Logins

You wouldn’t think it, but you likely have multiple logins relating to your website. You probably won’t use all of them often, but you should still have them together for when you do. Some main ones are:

  • Link & login to update website (think wordpress)
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Email, if tied to your website
  • CRM / AMS (think chamber master)

For me, these are 3-5 different companies or links. I also note who our website was made or designed by in the same place.

Also, please make sure the Chamber owns these accounts – not the business who set them up for you!