Refresh: What Your Social Media Should & Shouldn't Be Like
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Friendly Reminder from Captain Obvious: Being Social on Social Media Increases Engagement

After you’ve done something for a while you sometime lose sight of the original goal & focus, and social media is no different. If you’re not getting the results from social media you expected, it might be time to take a step back and review your social media with a fresh outlook.

It doesn’t take much convincing to get chamber execs & board members to agree having a social media presence is important. Having a business page or account on one of the many social media platforms has become more common than having a website. That’s because social media is affordable, reaches an unlimited audience, and is highly engaging when done right. 

While everyone may be in agreement about using social media for their organization, some need a little coaxing to be social on social media. Simply having an account and posting content isn’t enough. No matter what social media platform you use, you’ve got to be social in order for it to prosper

Being social on social media looks like:

  • Posting relative content that is timely and of interest to your audience
  • Engaging your audience by asking questions or soliciting comments
  • Replying and engaging people who post or comment on your accounts
  • Being active on a regular basis providing real-time content 
  • Learning and executing new social media strategies 
  • Supporting the changes and trends with your social media platform

Every social media platform has a particular way they operate. Twitter uses short-but-sweet tweets with links to relative content. Instagram uses imagery, stories, and reels for engagement. TikTok uses 1-3 minute videos. Choosing the right platform for your organization matters. Finding the social media platform that best fits your personality and your members are a part of makes sense. 

Once you choose the best platform it’s important to stay current with the trends and features your platform uses to help ensure your content is meeting their guidelines and getting seen. Most importantly, you’ve got to post relative content that matters to your members and engage with them when they comment and reach out to you.  

Being social on social media doesn’t look like: 

  • Relying solely on pre-created content 
  • Ignoring responses or engagement 
  • Blasting people with ads & content that isn’t relevant to them
  • Having short bursts of engagement followed by ghosting your tribe
  • Failing to reference other accounts or colleagues (when relevant)

Social media is social, otherwise what’s the point of having a comment section?

While many people don’t feel they have the time to scroll their phones during the business day, it may be worth the while. Think of social media engagement the same as meeting a member at the door. In both instances you are creating an opportunity to make a sale and if nothing else, you’re showing your member you’re personable.

Pre-scheduled content may not be relevant the moment it’s released. If something big has happened it’s important to engage your members in real time and pre-scheduled content has “imposter posting” written all over it. And posting but never checking to see if anyone engages leaves conversations – and money – on the table. Be ready to connect with people and reward them for commenting in positive ways. 

Being social also means taking steps to connect with colleagues, peers, volunteers, and members and comment on their posts too. Sharing information that spreads their message is also a social media friendly way to market your chamber of commerce. Be sure you’re spending time on other people’s social media accounts too.

Social media is an excellent way to increase engagement with your audience. If you choose a platform that is personally interesting to you it can double the fun – and success. Find a platform you resonate with and amplify your engagement and watch it translate to more sales. 


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