practica webinars for small businesses

5 Practical Webinars for Small Businesses

There are a few core places I follow for their small business webinars to share. These are the sites I check monthly:

  1. US SBA – SC – I found my state’s SBA has a lot of recurring topics, but who could be more credible? (#HumbleBrag: I also got brownie points from them when I shared specific content they were pushing – before they had reached out to me. 😉👍) Search by zip code here.
    1. US SBA – recorded – If there aren’t enough webinars (or any like) on the state level, I promote a recorded webinar from the SBA’s Learning Center instead. There’s a lot to choose from. I just randomly pick something interesting.
  2. State Department of Revenue (and other relevant government resources). SC DOR regularly hosts sales tax workshops, withholding tax workshops, and similar programs. I first found out about these by subscribing to their emails.
  3. Constant Contact – Their content includes more than just their platform. I’ve seen email marketing ideas, best practices, landing pages, and more. I promote their webinars because this is who my chamber uses for email marketing.
    1. Check the softwares you recommend to your members and see what learning tools they already have.
  4. ADA – To be honest, a lot of their topics are too niche or technical for me. If I can find a more general topic (read: understandable) I love to promote them. Where I live/work there is a higher than average retiree population so they are very topical for me.
  5. SCORE – Even if you’re not partnering with them on a local level, they still have great content online that you can curate for your members.

None of these names should be new to you, but are you properly utilizing them? Do your members know how useful they are? Not just when they start a business, but at any point in their career. I recommend bookmarking all five of these links so you always have small business webinars to share in your back pocket.

Every month I visit these sites and add a few webinars to my chamber’s online calendar. I also try to share at least one webinar a month in my email newsletter and blog. And of course, I watch some!

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5 business resources that regularly host webinars your chamber can share
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