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From the Winners Circle: Greater Winston-Salem, Inc’s 2030 Vision and Strategic Plan

Greater Winston-Salem, Inc.’s 2030 Vision and Strategic Plan, Where Growth Starts, has been awarded for communications excellence by The Carolinas Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (CACCE), and they’ve graced CACCE with a a behind the scenes look at their marketing & report.

“Greater Winston-Salem, Inc.’s 2030 Vision and Strategic Plan outlines the initiatives and efforts that we will champion in order to achieve visionary outcomes by 2030: to be the top mid-sized city in the Southeast, to be a more equitable community, and to be the best place to raise a family. This vision is based on efforts in economic, talent, and workforce recruitment and development that position Winston-Salem for the future.”

Community Vision

As a marketer, I was particularly excited to learn from them as their pieces really focused on their big-picture mission, like economic development, workforce & talent, and public policy. In fact, their report is so detailed, that if you’re a chamber staff with not a lot of experience in those areas, this is an amazing report to check out and learn about the tactics to focus on under those areas:

PDF from time of webinar, see their website for updates. 

For this 10 year plan, they have 3 big visionary goals:

  • BE THE TOP MID-SIZE CITY IN THE SOUTHEAST: We will encourage accelerated growth through strategic recruitment and expansion efforts while advancing our entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • BE A MORE EQUITABLE COMMUNITY: We will use education initiatives and community partnerships to increase economic equity and mobility for all Forsyth County residents.
  • BE THE BEST PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY: We will work with our community partners to ensure a high quality of life and access to world-class amenities in order to attract and retain the best talent.

They conducted many in-depth focus groups with boards, community partners, investors, and other leaders to create the foundation for these community goals. In the above report you can see the tactics they plan or have started working on, but they will also have ongoing efforts for tracking relevant metrics.

Through their webinar with the Carolinas Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, they preview a dashboard they’re working on, which is great to learn about what community statistics to track for economic development:

Top Marketing Takeaway

I think there are top takeaway based on the video campaign they did is that they had multiple versions of their video.

While we can think of it as one video, they had numerous versions that all had very small tweaks, so they had different time lengths, as well as featuring different pillar topics depending on the target audience for different ad spots. A quick example of what this might be like:

  • 2 minute video featuring all pillars
  • 30 sec video featuring economic development
  • 30 sec audio featuring workforce & talent
  • 60 sec video targeting out-of-market or external audience
  • 30 sec video targeting locals on brand awareness

To help with this, they made sure they had all the individual pieces or deliverables – video, audio cut, voice over cut – so that that they could cut & paste or move media around as desired.


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