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Facebook Events & How to Turn Likes into Followers

This is a very quick tip on how to turn your post likes into new Facebook followers. If you are trying to get more Facebook likes that are legitimate, yet easy & quick, this is for you.

Facebook Events

While you can do the below on any of your page’s posts, Facebook Events are where the most potential lies.

If you can, add a co-host to an event as often as possible – when it makes sense. Like anything digital, don’t just spam it because you can. If you have an upcoming event, set up the Facebook Event and add big-name sponsors, host location, etc. as a co-host. I also ask those running community events that we sponsor to add me as a co-host, like the Farmers Market in my below video.

Why does this matter?

At a time when Facebook is limiting organic reach for Pages, this is super important. This will greatly increase the reach of the event to followers of other pages, which means when you post in the event, it’s not just your usual audience that sees it.

How to Invite Post Likes to Follow Your Facebook Page

  • On your post, click where it shows you the number of post likes
  • This should automatically bring up a list of people who liked you post
  • You are then able to Invite (or see who already does) to like your page

That’s it! 🎉

I do this about once a week and it literally only takes me a minute. There’s really only two places I have to check: 1) my latest post in an Event and 2) my most-liked post from the past week in my normal Page feed.


I’ve found most of my invites do actually click-through and like us. I think it’s because they’re already hot leads – they’re already interested in the content, so I they’re more likely hit “like.”

I hope this was helpful to you in how to growing your Facebook likes! If so, please subscribe to my YouTube page. You can also check out my other Facebook tips.

Turn Post likes into followers on facebook
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