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Digital Marketing Services for Chambers of Commerce

Do other marketing agencies just not get your chamber? Do you know what you need, but just don’t have the time to do it or learn it? That’s literally why I created my business – to help chambers of commerce with digital marketing.

Sept. 2023 Update: I’ve accepted a full-time roll at a local CVB and therefore most of my services are currently unavailable.

If you have a small project that you want to offload and do not need to meet me during business hours, feel free to email me at info @

Why I Offer Marketing Services & Consultations Only to Chambers of Commerce

As a chamber staffer, I struggled to find marketing agencies, tutorials, and other help. They all had good information; it just wasn’t relevant for me as a chamber of commerce. Most marketing agencies simply don’t have experience working with Chambers of Commerce.

Chamber of Commerce budgets are small, and our boards are particular (for good reason). It takes us many months to get approval to spend money, and we need a marketing agency that can take charge without us having to train them on our membership business model. In short, chambers of commerce are not an ideal target client for most marketing agencies, so they don’t focus on our industry.

As they say, “Be the change you want to see.”

So I started my own business, specifically helping chambers of commerce with digital marketing.

I enjoy and believe in the value of digital marketing. I love projects that can take some time up front, but will continue to benefit and be an asset to the chamber years later. And I have the experience working for chambers of commerce to put your CEO/Executive Director’s mind (and time) at peace.

I worked for my local chamber of commerce for 7 years, and since starting my business I’ve already had numerous chamber clients, including: Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy (national), Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce (TX), Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce (MN), Reidsville Chamber of Commerce (NC), and more.

Testimonials from Chambers of Commerce

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"Working with Izzy has been a game changer for me! It took me a long time to realize that as a single employee Chamber, I just couldn’t do everything myself and it was time to bring in an expert and I nailed it with Izzy! She just KNOWS Chambers so she was able to asses what I needed, when I needed it and work independently while creating fantastic results for us. I highly recommend reaching out to Izzy West to see how she can help your Chamber!"

- Laurie Levine
President and CEO, Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce (Maine)


"Being from a small chamber with limited staff and resources, I can no longer do all the things! Our Board gave me room for contracting with Izzy for this season to tackle our marketing, but more importantly, to build some strategic pieces that will return dividends over time!

I was blow away with the final results. I’ve worked so hard to build our brand, and it is always scary to hand over the reigns to someone else, but Izzy took every bit of our branding an incorporated it into the marketing seamlessly. It truly looks and feels authentic to our brand, yet provides far more value and impact than we could have accomplished on our own.

I learned so much in our weekly meetings and was able to talk through our timely objectives and priorities with ease. She stay on schedule and on point, giving me reminders for the steps I needed to accomplish to make the partnership work!

I shared our progress with my Board monthly, and they continued to be impressed with the results! I look forward to seeing how the results continue to roll in and grow our reach! I’ve already given out several referrals to my Board members who want to work with her as well!

- Shannan Reid
Director, Montgomery Area Chamber (Texas)


"As a chamber with a staff of one, my biggest challenge has been to make sure I'm reaching my membership regularly and Izzy helped enormously! Her new member on-boarding email series has been just what our chamber needed to keep in Constant Contact with our membership! She will customize for your chamber and your membership will love all the additional touchpoints they receive with relevant Chamber information! I highly recommend using Izzy's services whenever you need that extra special touch!"

-Marnie Schwartz-Hanley
President, Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce (SC)

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Some marketing services I offer chambers of commerce include:

  • Done-for-you monthly social media package
  • Email marketing automation set up
  • Lead magnet creation & implementation
  • Done-for-you blog scheduling with on-page SEO
  • Marketing Consultations for Chambers of Commerce

Ready to chat? Book a no-obligation meeting:

You can also send RFP requests to info @ or schedule a no-cost, no-obligation meeting to talk about your marketing needs and how I can help. For a paid no-contract 1-hour consultation, use this link.

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