30, 60, & 90 Day tasks for new chamber members

30/60/90 Day New Member Tasks

These are tasks that a new member could commit to within 30, 60, and 90 days. These examples are specifically for a chamber member, but associations could easily change to fit your needs.


Keep in mind that this is a lot of information – I bet you don’t even read them all! Which means your members won’t, either. Go through and pick just 2-5 to use either on an infographic, post card, or email series. If you possible, you can even segment based on why you know they joined (ie: networkers get one set, pro-community another, advertisers another, etc.).


Obviously, some details vary from place to place – just update with your preferences. If you see a bracket [like this], it’s a note for you to change.


Within 30 days, commit to:

  • Becoming familiar with our website, especially our [list three of your best web pages]. We have several opportunities and resources just for you!
  • Getting Social! “Like” us on Facebook and leave a comment sharing why you joined the Chamber. You should also check out our [list other media] pages.
  • Joining our Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group to network online. Participate in discussions, ask for advice, etc. Better yet, provide information that makes you the expert in your field. These are great places to promote yourself without making a sales pitch.
  • Adding the Chamber Member eBadge to your business website.
  • Logging in and updating your business information in our online directory. Tip: make sure all the information is correct, including a link to your website, custom keywords to increase search results, any promotional media you have, and list your social media networks. Statistics show that more than 85% of all purchases start from an online search, and the Chamber’s online directory receives thousands of searches every month. [brownie points for specific stats]
  • Subscribing your employees or coworkers for chamber updates. By allowing all your employees to sign up to receive Chamber communications, it will allow your business the opportunity to take advantage of training and leadership development opportunities you may have not thought of. [Instructions on how they do this]
  • Attending the next member orientation to learn how to maximize your membership and get involved in the local business community.
  • Contacting us to discuss a ribbon cutting for your business. Ribbon cuttings are open to new members or members with a new location, new management, or other milestone. This a great way to introduce yourself to the community and create some positive publicity.


Within 60 days, commit to:

  • Displaying your membership plaque and sticker openly. Studies show that people view Chamber membership as a sign of credibility for a business. The best way to show you are a member is to put those items in full view.
  • Registering to come to at least one of our upcoming Chamber networking or development events
  • Stopping by our office to meet our staff and drop off any literature (ex: menus, event flyers, business cards, rack cards, etc.) that you would like displayed in our in-office Visitor’s Center.
  • Logging to the chamber website and add your events, news releases, job openings, and/or deals. This is a great tool to promote your business to fellow chamber members, locals, and visitors. Plus, you can do this whenever and however often you want!
  • [If you have a separate Destination or Shop Local social accounts] Getting more social: Follow [visit city] on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We run these to promote the [city] area and businesses to locals and visitors alike.
  • “Remembering a Member” when fulfilling business and personal needs for goods and services. Check out our Business Directory to see who’s available for you. Don’t forget to ask about [Affinity Programs or Member to Member Deals].
  • Setting SMART goals you’d like to achieve by becoming a Chamber member. With these goals in mind, reach out to us to so we can help.


Within 90 days, commit to:

  • Looking for potential business connections in the online Membership Directory. To whom can you potentially refer business?
  • Getting engaged. Support a fellow Member business with a visit, follow-up with a someone you met at a chamber function, or reach out on our online networking groups.
  • Taking advantage of one of our sponsored benefits. Enjoy [list affiliate programs].
  • [If you provide other marketing benefits] Advertising in new ways. Now that you are familiar with our social media, check out the different ways you advertise through our platforms and reach a new group of potential customers.
  • Encouraging your staff to attend a chamber event.
  • Contacting a Chamber Staff, Board Member, or Ambassador with any questions you might have about your membership.


Bonus! Within 120 days, commit to:

  • Sharing your Chamber experience with someone who would benefit from membership.
  • Sponsoring a chamber event to increase your business’ exposure in the community.
  • Communicating any special accomplishments (like a growing staff, new award, or milestone) so we can promote your success!
  • Remembering you are also a member of our community. Attend an event hosted by another chamber member, take advantage of another member’s deal, and more.
  • Joining the Ambassadors or other volunteer committee.
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Use this list to brainstorm ways you can keep your members engaged year-round. Just don’t give me credit for it – this list has been growing & circulating longer than I’ve been alive. Also, feel free to mix and match – just because I have it listed under 90 days doesn’t mean you can’t move it to 30 days.


Hope this helps! What tasks did I leave off? Comment below. Or, check out my other member retention posts.