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15 Examples of Podcasts By Chambers of Commerce

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I’ve saved you some time researching chamber podcasts and found several chambers of commerce with links to their podcasts (or if you’re looking for a podcast for chambers, check out the ChamberChat Podcast). I’ve also included some notes of things I think chambers are doing well with their podcast, as well as some opportunities to grow.

Greensboro Chamber of Commerce’s Impact The Boro

I really like their podcast webpage. They’ve embed a podcast player so you can listen to it right there, but it also lists their sponsors, links to other places you can subscribe & listen.

In their intro they’ve explained the purpose of the podcast and what a listener can expect: “Each week a staff member will sit down with a guest to discuss what we’re doing to start & grow businesses, create quality drops, develop our workforce, and tell the inspiring story of Greensboro to the world.”

Broomfield Chamber’s Business Matters Video Podcast

By recording these as videos, their Business Matters Podcast gives them not only additional ways to promote or reuse episodes, but allows them to engage listeners that want to watch.

Frankenmuth – Voices of Frankenmuth

Basically the local chamber version of ‘How Its Made.’ I also found Voices of Frankenmuth interesting because they also promote visiting their area.

More Chamber Podcast examples:

You don’t want to hear me making the same comments over & over, so here’s just some links to more chamber podcasts:

What I would do differently:

While going through these (awesome) chamber podcasts, I noticed a few little things that not everyone did that I would do differently.

  • Invest in a microphone. I have unsubscribed from several national org’s podcasts because I didn’t like the sound quality (whether it was the host or consistently their guests).
  • Have a podcast webpage that explains what it is, promotes your sponsor (or sponsorship opportunity), and embeds or links to all of your podcasts somehow. Kind of like a blog home feed.
  • If you say it’s a podcast, then I expect to find it in my podcast app. Otherwise you just have a video series (which is still cool, just not the same).
  • Repurposing your content by also publishing it to your YouTube and other places is good – but make sure you include a link to your podcast webpage in the description (and other YouTube best practices).
  • Consider publishing these to your existing Chamber YouTube Channel as opposed to creating a new channel. This could be a good way to increase your subscribers, and you can always create a Playlist just for the podcast (which would still allow you to link to just those episodes).
    • Definitely host content on Chamber accounts and not on accounts owned by other businesses. Otherwise they’re getting the ‘digital cred’ like views and followers.
  • If you’re taking the time to get transcripts for recordings or episodes, then publish a blog post or article. By creating a separate page just for that one episode and writing about it, you can start to rank in Google for that topic.
    • You would include the video or audio/podcast embeded on the page in addition to the written content.
  • Have some sort of intro or hook at the beginning of your episode before you promote a sponsor. Give me a reason to make me want to keep listening.


10 reasons your chamber should podcast

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