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11 Inexpensive Ambassador & Member Referral Recognition Ideas

Ambassadors & volunteers are amazing. One way to keep them engaged & excited is to simply recognize them. Here are a few inexpensive ways you can show your thanks.

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“Your referrals are the “Hi-Lite” of my day!

“You’re a flippin’ great ambassador! Thanks for your referrals.”

“Have we told you “Reese”-ently how great of an ambassador you are?”

“You are the KEY to our success. Thanks for all your referrals!”

“We love your commit-MINT as an ambassador”
“We’re BURSTING to tell you thanks for your referral”
“Just POPPING by to say thanks for your referral!”
“You’re an EXTRA amazing Ambassador!”
“It’s been a JOY having you as an ambassador!”
“You’re O-FISH-ally an amazing ambassador!”

Source: RHP Realtors

“Thanks for going the EXTRA mile as an ambassador!”

“Thanks for keeping us on TARGET this year!”

“Just wanted you to know you are CRUSH-ing it as an ambassador!”

“You’re the Balm!” (bonus points for logo chapstick)

“You’re a Flippin’ great ambassador!”

“You’re all that and a bag of chips!”

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